Private Clients

This is where you expect us to say that we focus on “high net worth individuals”.
We do not … no client is worth more than another.

We advise and assist any private individual with the same enthusiasm and interest, whether they face simple problems of double taxation in more than one country or find they may have to pay taxes in another jurisdiction.

Working for HNWIs obliges us to be thorough and creative, in particular across borders.
And the solutions we develop for them can be used for our other clients.

We give advice on any income tax aspect of our clients' lives, as an employee, a freelancer, a company director, a retiree, an investor, a property owner, or the owner of a company. Double tax treaties help avoid double taxation, but they need to be read properly.

We advise clients immigrating to Belgium to set up their affairs in the most tax efficient way before they move to Belgium. And we help clients who are leaving Belgium to find the best country to settle.

Wealth tax and capital gains tax are not taxes that one usually assimilates with Belgium, but the capital gains tax and wealth tax in other countries may seriously impact the wealth of Belgian residents.