Conflict Management

At Cabinet DAVID, we are tax lawyers. Litigation and tax litigation is an important part of our practice.

However, our first aim is always to avoid litigation. Knowing how litigation works is the first step in avoiding litigation.

Conflict management takes many forms:


In cross border situations, tax planning requires getting proper advice and assistance in the other countries involved. Our colleagues in other jurisdictions are fundamental in setting up the correct structure to avoid double taxation.

Prevention in Belgium also means obtaining an advance ruling and if necessary a tax opinion or an advance ruling in the other country.

Coordinating the applications for advance rulings with the Belgian Ruling Committee is an important part of our practice.


We advise and assist our clients during tax audits and in their negotiations with the tax administration.

An important tool is conciliation with an independent department of the Belgian tax administration.

However, not all tax audits have a positive result and, in some cases, there is no alternative but to appeal the tax before the courts.

Managing family conflicts

Not all conflicts are between the taxpayer and the tax administration. Even the best estate planning can go wrong, and disgruntled heirs or disinherited family members may want to redivide the estate.

Managing family conflicts and preventing litigation between family members is an important part of any estate plan.