Reynders Initiates Consultation on Investment Fund Legislation

In 2003, Belgium introduced a new tax-beneficial investment vehicle, the private PRICAF (The Private PRICAF Act of April 22, 2003, Royal Decree of May 15, 2003), as an alternative to the listed PRICAF. (For prior coverage, see Tax Notes Int'l, June 23, 2003, p. 1184, 2003 WTD 117-10 , or Doc 2003-14645). Two years later, the private PRICAF has not been as successful as expected, with only two such investment funds having been approved. Consequently, Finance Minister Didier Reynders has now started a round of consultation to revise the private PRICAF legislation.

Reynders Initiates Consultation on Investment Fund Legislation, Tax Notes International, 1 August 2005, p. 401
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