TEP-Talk: What does the taxman want to know about my overseas properties?

For years, the Belgian tax authorities had different rules to tax the rental income for properties in Belgium and for properties outside Belgium.

Three times, the European Court of Justice had to tell Belgium to change its rules before Finance Minister Vincent Van Peteghem acquiesced.

He rolled out an ambitious plan to set up a register of all properties held by Belgian residents all over the world and give them a ‘cadastral revenue’.

Read more at But how do you determine a cadastral revenue for overseas properties?

If you own a property at home, outside Belgium, you were supposed to file a form to allow the Belgian tax authorities to calculate the new cadastral revenue.

You can find the forms here in French or in Dutch.

If you have not filed the form, if you need some help, this TEP-talk will help.

We will also explain what effect this will have on your tax situation in Belgium.